Table 1

T4—E. coliS. cerevisiae dictionary of DNA replication and homologous recombination

ActivityT4E. coliBudding yeast
Replicative DNA polymerasegp43DNA pol IIIDNA polα, δ/ɛ
Sliding clampgp45DnaN (β)PCNA
Clamp loadergp44/62γ complexRFC
Replicative helicasegp41DnaBMCM
Replicative primasegp61DnaGDNA polα
ssDNA-binding proteingp32SSBRPA
Producing 3′-ssDNA tailsgp46/47RecBCDRad50/58/60
Anti-SSB activityUvsYRecBCD or RecFORRad52/59
Recombinase regulators??Rad55/57
Auxiliary helicasesUvsWRecGRad54/Tid1
DNA junction resolutiongp49RuvABC?
Primosome-assembly factorgp59PriABC + DnaT?
  • ?, not known.