Table 2

HIN-1 expression and promoter methylation in breast carcinomas and cell lines

HIN-1 expressionHIN-1 methylation Total
Yes, no. (%)No, no. (%)
Primary tumors23 (74)8 (26)31
 Yes1* (33)2 (67)3
 No22 (79)6 (21)28
Breast cancer cell lines25 (89)3 (11)28
 Yes0 (0)0 (0)0
 No25 (89)3 (11)28
  • HIN-1 expression was evaluated by northern blot and RT-PCR analysis in the breast cancer cell lines and by RT-PCR and/or real-time PCR (or by SAGE) in primary tumors. 

  • * One case (T44) appeared to be heterogeneous with respect to HIN-1 expression because some areas expressed HIN-1 (Fig. 1C), whereas other areas of the same block had no detectable HIN-1 mRNA (data not shown).