Table 1

Bacterial strains and plasmids used and constructed

Strains/plasmidsGenotypes/plasmid properties*References
MC1000 Δ(ara-leu) Δlac rpsL150 22
MG1ΔrelBEFThis work
MG1ΔlonΔrelBEF, lon146∷tetThis work
MG1ΔclpPΔrelBEF, ΔclpThis work
ER2566lon ompT plac∷T7pol geneNew England Biolabs
SG22025Δlac rcsA166aphASusan Gottesman
SG22093Δlac rcsA166aphA clpP1catSusan Gottesman
SG22095Δlac rcsA166aphA lon146tetSusan Gottesman
CF1648 (MG1655)wild type E. coli 23
CF1651relA251aphA 24
CF1693relA251aphA spoT207cat 23
BW25113 lacI q rrnB T14 ΔlacZ WJ16 hsdR514 ΔaraBAD AH33 ΔrhaBAD LD78 19
pNDM71mini-R1 blaN. D. Mikkelsen, unpublished data
pTyb3pUC bla, intein expression vectorNew England Biolabs
pMG1904pUC bla relBE 17
pMG223mini-R1 bla pA1/O4/O3∷relE 17
pMG224mini-R1 bla pA1/O4/O3∷relBE 17
pSC302pUC bla pT7∷relBinteinThis work
pSC7104mini-R1 bla relBEThis work
pKD46pSC101reptsbla araC γ β exo 19
pKD3R6Koriγ bla cat 19
pCP20pSC101reptsbla cat 19
  • * tet denotes the tetracycline-resistance gene, cat the chloramphenicol transacetylase gene, aphA the kanamycin resistance gene, and bla the ampicillin resistance gene.