Table 3

Summary of the unpredicted genes

LineCytologyInsertion point*Dup
G502R, 48F5AE003822, a, 266019
G1083L; 64C13AE003567, s, 446173
G1163R; 88A10AE003703, s, 63951
G1233L; 70C11AE003536, s, app 53200
G154X; 14A6-8AE003501, s, 71697
G157X, 11B7AE003489, s, 151058
G2312R, 48F5AE003822, s, app 265962
G2582L; 36F4-6AE003658, s, 186632
G2702L, 28E5-6AE003620, s, 40372
G3182R, 52D10-12AE003805, s, 167069
G357bis2L, 26A8AE003611, a, app 247620
G1452R, 54C3-5AE003803, s, 76977
G2153L; 77D1-4AE003591, s, 290886
G214X, 3D1AE003427, s, 46536
G2603R, 89B13AE003712, a, app 73692
G2763L, 61AAE003467, s, 204864
G281/////Multiple hits: subtelomeric heterochromatin repeat
G2842L; 26A8AE003611, a, 248506
G287X, 14F2AE003502, a, 251633
G304X, 9E7-9AE003484, a, 36343
G3413L, 66F2AE003553, s, 131273
G357X; 1C1AE003418, a, 222735
G3603R, 82A4AE003606, a, app 287800
G361X, 12B8AE003493, s, 200162
G3702R; 50C23AE003816, s, 110448
G3773R, 85E2AE003693, s, 168116
G3923R; 83D1AE003601, s, 33991
G4132L, 28E3AE003619, s, 273106
G4193L, 75D8AE003519, s, 78791
G4282R, 48F5AE003822, a, 265512
  • Legend as in Table 2. The cDNA sequences fused to the GFP 3′ end were identified by 3′ rapid amplification of cDNA ends-PCR for the 11 first lines (G50-G357bis). All matched several hundred base pairs or kilobases downstream of the insertion point.