Table 1

Genotype and phenotype of N. gonorrhoeae strains used in this study

StrainParental strainRelevant genotypeNatural transformationTwitching motilityAdherence to HCEC*Reference
N400VD300 recA6(tetM) +++(13)
N401N400 recA6(kan) +++(13)
MW4N401 pilTind(tetM) +(13)
MW7N401 pilTind, pilC1∷erm, pilC2∷cat (13)
GV1N400 pilVG-1 fs ++This work
GV2N400 pilV∷kan ++This work
GV3GV2 pilV∷kan, iga∷pilV +++This work
GV4MW4 pilV∷kan, pilTind This work
GV5GV1 pilVG-1 fs, iga∷pilV +++This work
GV6MW4 pilVG-1 fs, pilTind This work
GC1N401 pilC1∷erm ++NDThis work
C2GC1 pilC1∷erm, pilVG-1 fs ++NDThis work
C3C2 pilC1∷erm, pilVG-1 fs, pilTind NDThis work
GV7C3 pilC1∷erm, pilVG-1 fs, pilTind, pilC2∷cat This work
  • * HCEC, human corneal epithelial cells; +, >100 cfu/cell; −, 0–5 cfu/cell. Results are expressed as the mean values of at least four independent experiments. 

  • These strains were generated in the stepwise creation of GV7.