Table 1

Dates Argentine ants were first detected in countries and islands throughout the world

No./letterYearLocationCollection (ref.)
Introduced populations
 11940United States: HawaiiHDOA (43)
 21907United States: California(32)
 31891United States: Louisiana(32)
 41938Mexico: Baja CaliforniaCASC
 51946Mexico: (Mexico City)USNH
 71974Peru: (Lima)(46)
 81987Easter IslandUSNH (47)
111900Portugal: (Lisbon)(50)
141926Italy: Sicily(48)
191965Grand CanaryFMNH
201901South Africa: (Stellenbosch)(56)
211995United Arab Emirates(57)
221993Japan: Hiroshima(58)
231941Australia: Western Australia(59)
24?Australia: South AustraliaP. Ward (personal communication)
251939Australia: VictoriaUSNH (59)
261950Australia: New South WalesFMNH
271951Tasmania: (Hobart)(59)
281990New Zealand(60)
Native populations
AArgentina, Buenos Aires Prov.Type local., Mayr 1868
Argentina, Entre Rios Prov.MACN; this study
Argentina, Corrientes Prov.MACN; this study
Argentina, Missiones Prov.MACN; this study
Argentina, Chaco Prov.MACN
Argentina, Formosa Prov.MACN
Argentina, Tucumán Prov.*MACN
Argentina, Catamarca Prov.*MACN
Argentina, Jujuy Prov.*MACN
Argentina, Cordoba Prov.MACN
Argentina, Santa Fe Prov.This study
BUruguay, (Carasco)USNH
Uruguay, Canelones Prov.MACN
Uruguay, Colonia Prov.MACN
CParaguay, (Asari)MACN
DBrazil, Sao Paulo Prov.*(32, 36)
Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul Prov.*(32)
Brazil, Minas Gerais Prov.*(61)
Brazil, Mato Grosso do Sul*(36)
  • Numbers refer to locations in Fig. 1. HDOA, Hawaii Department of Agriculture; CASC, California Academy of Sciences; USNH, United States National Museum; FMNH, Field Museum of Natural History; MACN, Museo de Ciencas Naturales, Buenos Aires. 

  • * These records may represent a native Linepithema species other than L. humile.