Table 1

Genetic transformation of human cells by Agrobacterium

PlasmidsHost-cell typeTotal number of geneticin-resistant transformantsEfficiency of transformation per 106 cells, ±SD*
pTi–pNeo in AgrobacteriumHeLa14017 ± 4
pTi–pNeo in Agrobacterium without preinductionHeLa749 ± 2
pNeo in AgrobacteriumHeLa0<0.1
pNeo aloneHeLa0<0.1
pNeo Ca-PhosphateHeLa17919 ± 6
pTi–pNeo in AgrobacteriumHEK393 (kidney)16718 ± 6
pNeo in AgrobacteriumHEK393 (kidney)0<0.1
pNeo aloneHEK393 (kidney)0<0.1
pTi–pNeo in AgrobacteriumPC12 (neuronal)11212 ± 3
pNeo in AgrobacteriumPC12 (neuronal)0<0.1
pNeo alonePC12 (neuronal)0<0.1
  • * Microsoft excel software was used to calculate standard deviations between two to six individual experiments, each of which included 5–10 culture plates per system.