Table 2

MTCYP51 active-site residues

Y76 Y Y Y
F78FRH(7), V(3), K(1), N(1)
F83 F F F
F89 F Y Y
K97QKQ(11), H(1)
M99RM(2), I(2)K
H101FM(4), V(3), A(3), I(2)
S252AGA(6), G(5), T(1)
H259 H H H
T260 T T T(7), S(5)
L321 L I L(6), I(6)
I323MT(3), I(1)S(1), T(1)
M433 M M M(7), L(4)
V434VIV(6), F(5)
  • Altogether, three plant, four animal, and 12 fungi CYP51 sequences were analyzed. Alignment was performed using bcm search launcher (34). Bold letters indicate residues that display significant conservation through evolution. Parentheses shows the numbers of species with indicated substitution.