Table 1

Characteristics of STZ and ob/ob diabetic animals: Effect of diabetes mellitus and insulin therapy on body weight, plasma glucose, and serum insulin concentrations of rats and mice studied

Body weight, gPlasma glucose, mg/dlSerum insulin, microunits/ml
Control rats193  ± 4182  ± 1327  ± 5
STZ-induced diabetic rats151  ± 7513  ± 235.3  ± 1.5
STZ rats insulin-treated183  ± 1066  ± 13>2,000
Lean mice ob/+18.2  ± 0.4117  ± 1739  ± 7
Lean mice ob/ob34.2  ± 0.4390  ± 35388  ± 89
  • Male Sprague-Dawley rats were either studied as controls or injected with streptozotocin, without or with subsequent insulin treatment, as described in Research Design and Methods. All three groups of animals were then killed, and total RNA was extracted from hindlimb muscles as described in Research Design and Methods and analyzed by Northern blot as described in Fig. 3. All plasma measurements were made just before death. The data represent means ± SEM from three separate experiments, each with at least two animals per group.