Table 1

Microorganisms identified from predominant 16S rDNA DGGE bands obtained from the phyllosphere of citrus Valencia leaves

Database match (GenBank accession no.)Sequence similarity, %Gel positionGenBank accession no.
Aureobasidium pullulans 16S-like ribosomal gene (M55639)100Band 1 AF231471
Lewia infectoria small subunit rRNA gene (U43465)100Band 1 AF231472
Morchella esculenta 18S small subunit rRNA gene (U42624)100Band 1 AF231473
Acinetobacter sp. (Z93446)100Band 1 AF231474
Desulfurominas choroethenica (U49748)86Band 1 AF231475
Spingomonas adhaesiva (D13722)99Band 2 AF231476
Uncultured delta proteobacerium (AJ241001)87Band 2 AF231477
Uncultured bacterium (AJ009487)89Band 2 AF231478
Bacillus pumilus (AB020208)94Band 2 AF231479
Clostridium bifermentans (X73437)100Band 2 AF231480
Uncultured delta proteobacterium (AJ241001)100Band 3 AF231481
Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus (AB019148)95Band 3 AF231482
Unidentified Cytophagales (AF078327)92Band 3 AF231483
Uncultured delta proteobacterium (AJ241001)84Band 3 AF231484
Uncultured bacterium (AJ009475)88Band 4 AF231485
Enterobacter agglomerans (AF157688)100Band 4 AF231486
Unclassified organism 16S rRNA gene (X97111)90Band 4 AF231487