Table 1

Growth and whole cell CO2 fixation rates of WT2321, strain Ω∷RLP and strain Ω∷SDR

StrainDoubling time* growth condition Whole cell CO2 fixation growth condition
CO2CO2 + acetateCO2 + CysCO2CO2 + acetate + pyruvate
WT23212.0  ± 0.31.9  ± 0.3ND1,719514
Ω∷RLP7.7  ± 2.02.9  ± 0.62.7  ± 0.4599319
  • * Doubling time in hours. Data are the mean ± standard deviation from three to five independent cultures for each condition. Starter cultures were from the same growth condition and were in mid- to late-logarithm phase (12–16 h old, <100 μg protein ml−1). Cultures were inoculated to a density of 2–4 μg protein ml−1

  • nmol CO2 assimilated (min⋅mg protein)−1. Data is the average of two independent log phase cultures. 

  • ND, not determined.