Table 2

Relative contribution of Ngn2-derived neural crest cells to neuronal vs. non-neuronal derivatives in sensory ganglia

Stage of injection (no. of embryos)NeuronsNon-neuronal cells
E9 (5)56%  ± 6%*44%  ± 6%*
E9.5 (11)52%  ± 5%48%  ± 5%
Combined53%  ± 4%47%  ± 4%
  • The percentage of lacZ-labeled cells that were neurons (Isl1+) or non-neuronal cells (Isl1) was measured in the DRG of Ngn2-CreER™ embryos injected at the indicated stages; the numbers represent the mean ± SEM. 

  • * There was no statistically significant difference in the percentage of neurons vs. non-neuronal cells at either stage. Similar results were obtained in Wnt1-CreER™ embryos (see text).