Table 2

Fitted regression analysis for UV sensitivities of RNA synthesized in infected cells

RNASlopeR2, %37% survival dose, erg⋅mm−2
Inc-U (Le+)−0.371  ± 0.02899.35,000
Dec-U (I-60)−0.352  ± 0.03098.75,250
WT (I-60)−0.360  ± 0.02899.05,130
Inc-U (I-60)−0.441  ± 0.02299.64,190
  • Regression analysis was performed on the data generated from densitometric scanning (Fig. 4A). These values were expressed as percentages (Fig. 4B). The fitted regression lines are of the form ln(y) = intercept + slope(exposure time). The R2 value is a measure of how tightly the data values fit about the regression line with maximum possible value of 100%. Values for the slopes are given within 95% confidence limits.