Table 2.

D. radiodurans proteome coverage by TIGR assigned functional category

CategoryTotalSeq covSt devObs% Cat
Amino acid biosynthesis8021.515.17088
Cofactor biosynthesis, etc.6116.19.74167
Cell envelope7717.7196281
Cellular processes8921.921.56472
Central metabolism15414.710.511172
DNA metabolism8113.210.15568
Energy metabolism19924.72015276
Fatty acid metabolism5323.816.24075
Conserved hypothetical49916.613.127655
Phage related/transposon4711.73.7919
Protein fate8622.220.66576
Protein synthesis11438.824.210088
Nucleic acid synthesis5319.214.74279
Regulatory functions12615.510.87660
Transport proteins19116.515.513872
Unknown function17615.412.410761
  • * Number of ORFs assigned to each category by TIGR.

  • Percentage of protein sequence represented by AMTs averaged over all proteins in a single category.

  • Standard deviation of sequence coverage for the entire category.

  • § Number of ORFs detected in each category.

  • Percentage of ORFs identified for each category.