Table 2.

Drosophila genes encoding GPCRs studied

CG number (GenBank accession no.)Predicted MW (no. of aa)START..END for expression cloneConflicts in sequence (substitutions in amino acid sequence)
Neuromedin U receptor group
 CG8784 ()72.2 kDa (658 aa)−47..17C328T (L110F), G357T, G861C, G1233A, CGGTGG1508del (GG503del), G1544T (G515V), A1593G, C1614A, T1728C, A1786C, A1807G (T603A)
 CG8795 ()65.2 kDa (595 aa)−18..17T66C, T192C, C312G, G417A, A456G, G711A, G804A, T1119C, A1134G, T1515C, C1577A (T526K), G1583T (G528V)
 CG9918 ()47.3 kDa (430 aa)−4..84A39T, G75A, C87G, A105G, G108T, T1089C, T1119C, G1140A
 CG14575 ()54 kDa (477 aa)−15..12G912A
Vasopressin receptor group
 CG11325 ()51.4 kDa (455 aa)−24..20C753T, A789G, C849T, C930A, G1005C, G1014A, C1035G, G1119T, A1125G, T1134A, C1281T, delGTAATTTCG, C1338A (D446E)
 CG10698 ()64 kDa (579 aa)−58..32T30C, G54A, T205C, T798C, C975T, A1020G, G1344A (M448I), C1654G (L552V)
 CG6111 ()54.5 kDa (494 aa)−19..122C134T, A156C, C906A, A1134C, A1314G
  • * Numbers indicating relative position before the start codon for the START and after the stop codon for the END. See Figs. 4 and 5 for the amino acid sequence.

  • Sequence compared to Celera genomics.

  • Alternative splicing compared to AF077299 (19) resulting in frame shift.