Table 2

HLA and Patr class I alleles that share an identical intron 2 sequence

Mhc locusName intron 2 sequenceCoupled MHC class I coding allele
A HLA-A*23 HLA-A*2301, -A*24
HLA-A*25 HLA-A*25, -A*2601, -A*6601, -A*68
HLA-A*31 HLA-A*31, -A*33
Patr-A*0101 Patr-A*0101, -A*0201, -A*0601, -A*0602, -A*1101
Patr-A*0301 Patr-A*0301, -A*0302
Patr-A*0401 Patr-A*0401, -A*0501, -A*0901, -A*1201, -A*1301, -A*1401
B HLA-B*1501 HLA-B*1501, -B*4601
HLA-B*1513 HLA-B*1513, -B*35, -B*5301, -B*5401, -B*5601, -B*5801
HLA-B*1801 HLA-B*1801, -B*3701
HLA-B*27052 HLA-B*27, -B*4002/B*4003
HLA-B*3801 HLA-B*3801, -B*4102
Patr-B*0101 Patr-B*0101, -B*0301
Patr-B*0401 Patr-B*0401, -B*16011
Patr-B*1201 Patr-B*1201, -B*1202, -B*2402
Patr-B*1401 Patr-B*1401, -B*2901
C HLA-Cw*0501 HLA-Cw*0501, -Cw*0602
HLA-Cw*1403 HLA-Cw*1403, -Cw*1801
Patr-C*0303 Patr-C*0303, -C*0501, -C*0502, -C*0601, -C*1101
Patr-C*0401 Patr-C*0401, -C*0901
  • The table list, for both species, the intron 2 sequences (second column) with the coupled MHC class I coding alleles (third column). Only the first two digits of the lineage name are mentioned (for example, HLA-A*25) when alleles of a lineage share the same intron 2 sequence.