Table 5

Real-time PCR analysis for abundance of AAV vectors in nu/nu mouse liver after injection of 1 × 1011 genome copies of vector

AAV vectors/doseGenome copies per cell
AAV2/1AlbA1AT0.6  ± 0.36
AAV2AlbA1AT0.003  ± 0.001
AAV2/5AlbA1AT0.83  ± 0.64
AAV2/7AlbA1AT2.2  ± 1.7
AAV2/8AlbA1AT18  ± 11
  • A set of probe and primers targeting the SV40 poly(A) region of the vector genome was used for TaqMan PCR. Values shown are means of three individual animals with standard deviations. The animals were sacrificed at day 56 to harvest liver tissues for DNA extraction.