Table 2

Carbon isotope characteristics of Carboniferous compression fossil lycopsid shoots

Fossil specimenSpecimen numberOrganδpcorr, ‰Δ, ‰ci/ca, unitless
 Bothrodendron minutifolium RC2872Leafy shoot−23.522.00.78
 B. minutifolium 51813Leafy shoot−
 B. minutifolium 1292Leafy shoot−23.421.90.77
 B. minutifolium 1300Leafy shoot−22.921.40.75
 B. minutifolium 1201Leafy shoot−23.622.10.78
 Lepidostrobophyllum alatum RC4838Reproductive shoot−
 L. lanceolatum RC3134Reproductive shoot−22.921.40.75
 Lepidophyllum sp.6127Reproductive shoot−
 Lepidodendron ophiurus 5284Leafy shoot−23.321.80.77
 L. lanceolatum JP218Leafy shoot−23.922.40.80
 L. lycopodioides 18239Leafy shoot−
 Lepidostrobus sp.6276Reproductive shoot−
 Sigillariostrobus rhombibracteatus 1177Cone−
 Sigillariostrobus sp.1656Cone−23.722.20.79
 Sigillaria mamillaris RC2875Leafy shoot−22.721.20.74
Other lycopsids
 Cyperites bicarinatus 4907Leafy shoot−24.723.30.84
 C. bicarinatus RG4477Leafy shoot−24.322.90.80
 C. ciliatum 76313Leafy shoot−24.523.10.83
  • All specimens are of Westphalian age (303–318 Myr BP) and held at the British Geological Survey, Keyworth, United Kingdom.