Table 1

αE+CD25+ T cells show the highest regulatory potency in vivo

PhenotypeRatioClinical scoreHistological scoreIncidence of colitis
CD45RBhigh alone (3 × 105)3.631.4922 /24
CD45RBhigh plus CD45RBlow3:100.420 /11
CD45RBhigh plus αE+CD25+3:1000 /4
 plus αECD25+3:100.380 /4
 plus αE+CD253:100.250 /4
PBS000 /5
CD45RBhigh plus αE+CD25+6:10.370.691 /8
 plus αECD25+6:11.750.944 /8
 plus αE+CD256:11.131.444 /8
  • SCID mice received 3 × 105 CD45RBhighCD4+ T cells alone or in combination with CD4+ T cell subpopulations as indicated; control mice received PBS only. The clinical and histological scores are shown as mean values. The incidence of colitis was determined by the overall analysis of body weights plus clinical and histological parameters. Data for mice receiving either CD45RBhigh or CD45RBhigh plus CD45RBlow CD4+ T cells are pooled from the two independent experiments.