Table 2

Skin thickness and frequency of lung emphysema in F2 mice obtained from brother-sister breeding of TSK/+, IL-4+/− F1 mice

Mice genotypeNSkin thickness, μmP*Emphysema
C57BL/6 pa/pa6118.3+/−21.40/5
TSK/+ pa/+13231.5+/−89.00.00813/13
TSK/TSK IL-4−/−5138.5+/−19.20.1285/5
TSK/TSK IL-4+/−5162.4+/−23.00.095/5
TSK/+ IL-4−/−27142.5+/−42.00.1921/24
TSK/+ IL-4+/−12204.5+/−90.60.0411/12
TSK/+ IL-4+/+6326.5+/−81.20.0016/6
  • * P value between C57BL/6pa/pa and other mice calculated by Student's t test. 

  • Number of mice exhibiting lung emphysema/total number of mice studied.