Table 2

Genomic DNA methylation status (ng mCyt/μg DNA) according to MTHFR genotype and plasma folate levels (stratification by folate values above and below the median)

Plasma folate ≥ 12 nmol/literPlasma folate ≤ 12 nmol/literP value
C/C (n = 187)64.00 (52.72–77.63)63.05 (51.47–77.25)N.S.
T/T (n = 105)67.56 (50.45–90.38)26.21 (18.81–36.49)<0.0001
P valueN.S.<0.0001
  • DNA methylation status is presented as geometric mean (antilogarithm of the transformed means) and 95% confidence intervals are reported in parentheses with two-tailed P values. Statistical difference was evaluated by Student's t test. N.S., not statistically significant.