Table 1.

List of coassociated factors

De novo pipelineChIP-seq validationValidated loci
MotifLoci (comparisons)CorrelationP valueOverall overlapLoci (comparisons)CorrelationP value
NFκB90 (370)0.75442.93E-69N/AN/AN/AN/A
EBF144 (108)0.47561.98E-0755.01%43 (106)0.55391.29E-09
E2A9 (29)0.64261.71E-0430.95%8 (28)0.63822.58E-04
Myf62 (170)0.27793.15E-04NDNDNDND
STAT116 (72)0.41093.36E-0427.98%11 (55)0.35427.97E-03
IRF258 (111)0.35073.72E-0428.87%22 (52)0.37003.92E-03
ZNF14338 (101)0.21720.029141.24%32 (78)0.14130.2173
CTCF63 (154)0.07780.337025.8%55 (130)−0.03290.7105
  • Factors whose motifs are correlated with NFκB binding, along with the two negative controls, ZNF143 and CTCF. On the left, the significant factors from the discovery stage, along with the negative controls, are shown. A full list can be found in SI Appendix, Table S1. Binding was measured for six factors to determine overlap with NFκB binding sites. The correlations are recalculated, restricting the analysis to only validated binding sites (shown on right). N/A, overlap of the same factor is not applicable; ND, no data.