Table 1.

Plasmids used in this study

pBGR1Cryptic plasmid isolated from Bartonella grahamii20
pBGR-K18Derivative of pBGR1 endowed with the kan resistance gene and the ColE1 replicon of pK1820
pRS117Derivative of pBGR1 containing PCMV/egfp for expression of GFP in eukaryotesPresent study
pRS122Derivative of pRS117 wherein the secretion signal of bepD (aa 352–534) is fused to the 3′ end of mobPresent study
pRGS06Derivative of pRS122 wherein the mob gene is disruptedPresent study
pRS130Derivative of pRS122 containing a egfp reporter gene and a neo gene conferring G418 resistance in transformed cell linesPresent study
pRS51Cre vector encoding NLS::Cre::BepD (aa 352–534) reporter protein19