Table 1.

The samples used and details of alignments

Collection siteAmphibian hostYearCollectorCulture referenceReads aligned (millions)Depth (X)
America, ColoradoB. boreas1999JELJEL2744.76.0
America, PtReyesR. catesbeiana1999JELJEL2709.412.0
Australia, RockhamptonL. caerulea1999LBLcaerulae9810.112.9
Canada, QuebecR. catesbeiana1999JELJEL2617.09.0
England, KentL. vulgaris2007MFU.K.TvB8.310.6
France, AnsabereA. obstetricans2007MF0711/16.38.1
France, Lac ArletA. obstetricans2008MFPNP084896.07.7
Mallorca, Cocó de sa BovaA. muletensis2007MFCCB110.513.4
Mallorca, Torrent des FerreretsA. muletensis2007MFTF5a14.35.4
MontserratL. fallax2009TGL22035.87.5
Panama, GuabalP. lemur2004JELJEL42310.513.5
South AfricaA. fuscigula2009CWMCT85.57.0
South AfricaH. natalensis2009CWMC559.311.9
Spain, Ibon AcheritoA. obstetricans2004TGIA0426.98.8
Spain, PenalaraA. obstetricans2002MFC2A11.614.8
Spain, ValenciaA. obstetricans2008MFVAo26.38.0
Spain, ValenciaA. obstetricans2008MFVAo48.010.3
Spain, ValenciaA. obstetricans2008MFVAo57.49.5
Spain, ValenciaR. perezi2008MFVRp16.88.7
SwitzerlandA. obstetricans2007TG7396.28.0
  • Bd isolates and locations that were resequenced. The first four columns provide information for the recommended naming scheme outlined by Berger et al. (18). The number of reads (millions) aligning to the Bd JEL423 genome assembly and the corresponding depth of coverage. Amphibian hosts include Afrana fuscigula (Cape river frog), Alytes muletensis (Mallorcan midwife toad), Alytes obstetricans (common midwife toad), Bufo boreas (Western toad), Hadromophryne natalensis (natal ghost frog), Litoria caerulea (green tree frog), Lissotriton vulgaris (smooth newt), Litoria fallax (Eastern dwarf tree frog), Peltophryne lemur (Puerto Rican toad), Rana catesbeiana (American bullfrog), Rana perezi (Iberian green frog). JEL, Joyce Longcore; LB, Lee Berger; MF, Matthew Fisher; TG, Trent Garner; and CW, Che Weldon.