Table 4.

The work used by commercial processes to remove trace substances via reaction

Substance, sep. processCinitial, molarRequired work, kJ/mol
SO2 from flue gas, wet FGD1.2 × 10-3380
SO2 from flue gas, lime spray dryer1.2 × 10-3240
NOx from flue gas, SCR3.5 × 10-4490
Hg from flue gas, activated carbon injection9.9 × 10-101.1 × 107

Calculated from Integrated Environmental Control Software (IECM). Assuming a 500-MW power plant burning Appalachian medium sulfur coal NOx reduction involves an SCR unit with a 73.48% removal efficiency; work = 488.31 kJ/molNOx. See for further details and current public version of the IECM (2007) software. FGD, flue gas desulfurization.