Table 1.

Association coefficients (SAB) between representative members of the three primary kingdoms

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  • The 16S (18S) ribosomal RNA from the organisms (organelles) listed were digested with T1 RNase and the resulting digests were subjected to two-dimensional electrophoretic separation to produce an oligonucleotide fingerprint. The individual oligonucleotides on each fingerprint were then sequenced by established procedures (13,14) to produce an oligonucleotide catalog characteristic of the given organism (3, 4, 13–17, 22, 23; unpublished data). Comparisons of all possible pairs of such catalogs defines a set of association coefficients (SAB) given by: SAB = 2NAB/(NA + NB), in which NA, NB, and NAB are the total numbers of nucleotides in sequences of hexamers or larger in the catalog for organism A, in that for organism B, and in the interreaction of the two catalogs, respectively (13, 23).