Table 1.

Oncogene-specific phosphoactivation of tyrosine kinases and phosphatases

Oncogene combinationTyrosine kinase (phosphoresidue)Tyrosine phosphatase (phosphoresidue)Functional significance*
AKT/ERGEGFR (Y1172)PTPN11 (Y584)Enzymatic activation
PTPRA (Y825)Enzymatic activation
INPPL1 (Y1136)Unknown
AKT/ARJAK2 (Y1007/08)PTPN11 (Y62)Enzymatic activation
AKT/KRASG12VEPHA2 (Y595)Enzymatic activation
LYN (Y508)Enzymatic inhibition
PTK2B (Y579)Unknown
PTK2B (Y849)Unknown
EPHA2 (Y773)Unknown
AKT/ERGFER (Y402)Alters cell motility
  • All measured phosphorylation events are relative to AKT-only lesions.

  • *Source: Phosphosite (

  • JAK2 was not identified by MS, but inferred on the basis of high STAT3 Y705 phosphorylation observed in AKT/AR tumors.