Table 1.

Radiocarbon age of material taken from fossil burrows of Kolyma Lowland (Northern Yakutia)

Cross-sectionBurrowMaterialRadiocarbon age, y
Zelyony MysР-923Plant remnants32,800 ± 400 (IEMEZH 1178)*
Zelyony MysР-917Plant remnants30,500 ± 700 (IEMEZH 1179)
Stanchikovski YarР-1010Plant remnants27,700 ± 300 (GIN 10874)
Stanchikovski YarР-820Seeds and fruits28,200 ± 600 (IEMEZH 1190)
Duvanny YarР-1075Seeds and fruits31,800 ± 310 (Beta 157195)
  • *The laboratory number of the sample given by the institute that carried out the analysis is indicated in parentheses. IEMEZH, transliteration from the Russian abbreviation of the former name of the Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Sciences; GIN, Geological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences; Beta, Beta Analytic.