Table 1.

Haplotypes at A6 region of ZmCCT in maize association panel

GDD to anthesis photoperiod response
HaplotypeNo. of linesNAM founders includedSNP1411 and SNP1520*Lines carrying MITE at vgt1 vgt1)MeanSDTropical origin, %
I16CML277, Ky211549.014.061.4
IV9CML228, Ki1110129.318.195.1
V222B73, other NAM founders05624.36.223.2
  • *SNP alleles at positions upstream of start codon (0, B73 allele at both; 1, alternate allele at both);

  • Mean and SD least square means of photoperiod response in GDDs to anthesis for each haplotype after correcting for the population substructure and the genetic background effects.

  • Significant difference in photoperiod response from B73 allele group Haplotype V at P < 0.01.