Table 2.

Variables affecting the number of citations by all papers, nontheoretical papers, and theoretical papers, with equations in the main text distinguished from those in an appendix

All citationsNontheoretical citationsTheoretical citations
ParameterOR (95% CI)Wald zPOR (95% CI)Wald zPOR (95% CI)Wald zP
Intercept29.11 (21.01–40.34)20.287<0.00121.24 (14.99–30.08)17.230<0.0016.14 (4.17–9.04)9.221<0.001
Density of equations (main text) per page0.72 (0.570.92)−2.6730.0080.65 (0.500.84)−3.3300.0010.96 (0.73–1.26)−0.3110.755
Density of equations (appendices) per page0.99 (0.65–1.52)−0.0320.9751.07 (0.68–1.70)0.3050.7600.98 (0.60–1.61)−0.0670.946
Total no. of pages1.05 (1.021.07)3.856<0.0011.05 (1.021.08)3.608<0.0011.05 (1.021.08)3.3650.001
Published in Evolution (cf Am. Nat.)0.94 (0.76–1.17)−0.5230.6011.07 (0.85–1.35)0.5530.5800.70 (0.540.91)−2.6910.007
Published in Proceedings B (cf Am. Nat.)1.13 (0.90–1.42)1.0290.3031.21 (0.94–1.54)1.5030.1330.93 (0.71–1.21)−0.5620.574
Equation density (main text) × no. of pages1.02 (0.99–1.05)1.5720.1161.02 (0.99–1.05)1.5340.1251.03 (1.00–1.06)1.7880.074
Equation density (appendices) × no. of pages1.00 (0.96–1.04)−0.0730.9410.97 (0.93–1.02)−1.1610.2461.03 (0.98–1.08)1.0220.307
  • The table shows statistical results from a generalized linear model with a negative binomial error structure. For a unit increase in the explanatory variable, the number of citations changes by a factor given by the OR, shown here with a 95% CI. Significant effects (P < 0.05) based on the Wald z statistic are highlighted in bold.