Table 1.

High potency, broadly neutralizing CD4bs Abs

OriginVHCDRH3 lengthVL κ/λCDRL1 lengthCDRL3 length
VRC01, NIH45–46Donor 451-212, 16K3-1195
VRC-PG04, VRC-PG04bDonor 741-214K3-2095
VRC-CH30–VRC-CH34Donor 02191-213K1-33115
3BNC117, 3BNC60, 3BNC62, 3BNC95, 3BNC176Patient 31-210K1-3375
12A12Patient 121-213K1-33115
8ANC131, 8ANC134Patient 81-4616K3-11109
1B2530Patient 11-4616L1-471311
1NC9Patient 11-4619L1-471311
8ANC195Patient 81-6920K1-5129
  • Antibodies are described in refs. 20, 21, and 23. Germ-line V segment genes and selected CDR lengths (Chothia definition) are given.