Table 1.

Parameters of MA experiments

StrainNo. of BPSsNo. of indels*No. of linesGenerations per lineTotal no. of generationsBPSs per lineIndels per lineMutation rate per nucleotide (× 1010)95% CLMutation rate per genome (× 103)95% CL
Wild-type 3K939383,080117,0402.450.241.88±0.460.87±0.21
Wild-type 6K14012216,356133,4766.670.572.45±0.491.14±0.23
  • *Insertion or deletion of ≤4 nt.

  • Critical values of the t distribution were used to calculate 95% CLs for the means of the Poisson distributions shown in Fig. 1. These values then were used to compute the CLs for the mutation rates.

  • Genome = 4,639,675 nt.