Table 2.

Well-being regression equations for the total sample (N = 508) with sample by age interactions and without sample by age interactions

With or without samplebSEtP
With sample
 Sample A0.9212.1800.4230.673
 Sample B−5.1321.732−2.9630.003
 Sample A × Age−0.2320.205−1.1340.258
 Sample B × Age0.1180.1690.6960.487
 Sample A × Age20.0040.0041.0150.311
 Sample B × Age2−0.0010.004−0.3950.693
Without sample
 Sample A−1.5020.598−2.5100.012
 Sample B−3.5140.582−6.037<0.001
  • The b coefficients for “Male,” “Sample A,” and “Sample B” indicate the deviation of well-being of these groups from the unweighted grand mean of well-being. The b coefficients for interaction terms indicate the deviation of Age and Age2 effects for sample A and sample B from the unweighted grand mean of the Age and Age2 effects.