Table 1.

Correlation coefficients from a multiple regression analysis of the transcriptome in epiphytic or apoplastic sites on the transcriptomes of cells exposed to the basal medium and to each of the four environmental stresses in vitro

StressEpiphytic sites*Apoplastic sites*
Lab ALab BLab CCombined datasetLab ALab BLab CCombined dataset
Osmotic stress0.400.470.250.420.500.750.420.64
Nitrogen limitation0.340.320.330.360.460.220.410.28
Oxidative stress00.020.2600000
Iron limitation0.
  • *Multiple regression analysis was performed with the constraints that the coefficients were non-negative and had to sum to one. The transcriptome data were in the form of the transcript abundances weighted with variances using a least-squares approach. Regression analyses were performed separately for the data from each laboratory and for the combined dataset.