Table 2.

Nr accumulation (or balance) in different subsystems of China in 1978 and 2010 (Tg N/y)

MedianMinimum (5th)Maximum (95th)MedianMinimum (5th)Maximum (95th)
Land subsystem171222453357
 Plants and products6.75.38.0221926
 Solid waste storage2.
 Storage in soils and others7.94.811171124
Atmosphere subsystem7.66.48.9201624
Atmosphere subsystem (deduct deposition)§1.3−0.12.7−1.6−6.43.1
Inland water subsystem2.
Coastal regions4.
  • *Reports the overall uncertainty as the 90th percentile of the resulting probability distribution (the 5th and 95th percentiles and the median).

  • Including Nr stored in soils, natural vegetation that is not harvested, and plant residues.

  • Total Nr input to the atmosphere.

  • §The net input to the atmosphere (i.e., input to the atmosphere minus deposition back to the land and water surface).