Table 1.

PK parameters of TPP-HDL-apoA-I-QD NPs by using two-compartment model

PK parameter Values
AUC[0-24 h],*,196
Cmax,* ng/mL3,676
Central compartment (initial phase, t = 0)
Vd, mL/kg21.5
CL at t = 0, mL/h3.5
t1/2, h0.6
Periphery compartment (terminal phase, t = 24 h)
Vd, mL/kg9.9
CL, terminal, mL/h0.03
t1/2, h71.7
  • Least-square fit to model. C = a × exp[(−k1 × t) + b × exp(−k2 × t)]. AUC, area under curve; Cmax, Peak plasma concentration; CL, total body clearance; t1/2, plasma half-life; Vd, volume of distribution.

  • * Model used to extrapolate concentrations at t = 0.