Table 1.

Leukemia-specific genetic lesions are not present in CD34+ cells or their progeny from subtype A AML samples

Figure in which results are displayed and experimentGenetic lesion in primary AML sampleFractionPostsort frequency of leukemic mutationPost-CFC/LTC/xenograft frequency of leukemic mutationMethod
Fig. 3 E, iNone identifiedCD34+NANANA
Fig. 3 E, iiNPM mutantCD34+ND<0.1%NPM PCR
Fig. 3 E, iiiNPM mutantCD34+0%0%NPM PCR
Fig. 3 F, iNPM mutantCD34+ND0%NPM PCR
Fig. 3 F, iiNPM mutantCD34+ND0%NPM PCR
Fig. 3 G, it(11;17)CD34+CD380/100 cells0/100 cellsMLL FISH
Fig. 3 G, iiNPM mutantCD34+CD380%0%NPM PCR
Fig. 3 G, iiiNPM mutantCD34+CD38<0.1%<0.1%NPM PCR
Fig. 3 H, it(11;17)CD34+ND0/100 cellsMLL FISH
Fig. 3 H, iiNPM mutantCD34+ND0%NPM PCR
  • CFC, colony forming cells; FISH, fluorescence in situ hybridization; LTC, Long-term culture; MLL, mixed-lineage leukemia; NA, not applicable; ND, not determined; NPM, nucleophosmin.