Table 1.

Survival of mice depleted of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells during a sublethal i.n. infection of F. tularensis LVS

Mouse strainAb treatmentDeaths/totalMean time to death (d)
WTAnti-CD4 + CD80/5
CD1d−/−Anti-CD4 + CD80/5
MR1−/−Anti-CD4 + CD85/534.8 ± 8.9*
TCRα−/−None5/535.5 ± 8.5
  • Mice were treated with anti-CD4 and anti-CD8 Abs twice weekly before, and throughout F. tularensis LVS i.n. infection.

  • Mice were observed for a total of 75 d. This experiment is representative of three experiments of similar design.

  • * P > 0.05 vs. LVS-infected TCRα−/− mice.