Table 1.

All shallow EQs with magnitude 7.6 or larger since January 1, 1984 until M9 Tohoku EQ within the area Graphic

LabelEQ dateEQ nameLat.,°NLong., °EMGraphicGraphicGraphicΔt200
a1993-07-12Southwest-Off Hokkaido EQ42.78139.187.80.293 (1993-05-23)0.278 (1993-06-07)0.952
b1994-10-04East-Off Hokkaido EQ43.38147.678.20.295 (1994-06-30)0.319 (1994-07-22)1.083
c1994-12-28Far-Off Sanriku EQ40.43143.757.60.196 (1994-10-15)0.197 (1994-10-19)1.012–3
d2003-09-26Off Tokachi EQ41.78144.088.00.289 (2003-07-03)0.306 (2003-07-14)1.063
e2010-12-22Near Chichi-jima EQ27.05143.947.80.232 (2010-11-30)0.248 (2010-11-30)1.071
f2011-03-11Tohoku EQ38.10142.869.00.157 (2011-01-05)0.160 (2011-01-05)1.022
  • The symbols Graphic are the minima of the Graphic variability that preceded these EQs along with their dates. Δt200 is the difference in months between the dates of Graphic and EQ. Lat., latitude; Long., longitude.