Table 1.

Membrane parameters and their values

ParameterVariableExperimental estimateSourceModel value
fd-Y21M half-lengthl𝑓𝑑430 nm(18)*Same
M13KO7 half-lengthlM13560 nm(18)*Same
Virus half-length differenced130 nmlM13−l𝑓𝑑Same
Virus diameter7 nm(18)
Virus nearest-neighbor distanceξ12 nm(19)Same
Virus 2D concentrationcv∼9,000 μm−21/π(ξ/2)28,500 μm−2
fd-Y21M Frank constantK𝑓𝑑∼2 pN(1)†,‡4 pN
M13KO7 Frank constantKM13∼4 pN(6)‡10 pN
fd-Y21M twist wavenumberq𝑓𝑑∼0.1 μm−1(7)‡0.11 μm−1
M13KO7 twist wavenumberqM13∼ − 0.5 μm−1(6)‡− 0.55 μm−1
fd-Y21M birefringenceΔn𝑓𝑑∼0.008(8)†,§0.011
M13KO7 birefringenceΔnM13∼0.008(8)†,§0.011
Dextran concentrationc48,000 μm−3(18)Same
Dextran radiusa∼25 nm(23–25)¶Same
TemperatureT22 °C(18)Same
  • ↵* Half the end-to-end length estimated from contour lengths and persistence lengths.

  • ↵† Measured for fd-wt virus.

  • ↵‡ Imprecise estimates extrapolated to membrane virus concentration ∼200 mg ⋅ mL− 1 (corresponding to cv∼ 9,000 μm−2) based on concentration-dependent behavior of fd-wt suspensions (1).

  • ↵§ Assuming membrane nematic order parameter of 1 and virus concentration ∼200 mg⋅mL− 1 (corresponding to cv∼9,000 μm−2).

  • ↵¶ Hydrodynamic radii for dilute solutions of 500 kDa dextran, whereas our experiments are in the semidilute regime.