Characteristics of Polyuridylic Acid–Dependent Phenylalanine Incorporation

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  • The components of the reaction mixtures are presented in Table 1. 10 μg of polyuridylic acid were added to all samples except the specified one. 2.3 mg of Incubated-S-30 protein were added to each reaction mixture except those in which ribosomes alone and 100,000 × g supernatant solution alone were tested. 0.7 mg W-Rib protein and 1.3 mg S-100 protein were used respectively. 0.02 μmoles U-C14-L-phenylalanine, Sp. Act. = 10.3 mC/mM (∼125,000 counts/minute) were added to each reaction mixture. Samples were incubated at 35 ° for 60 min.