Table 1.

Drug targets predicted by SPiDER for amprenavir, compound 1, and compound 2 with P < 0.05

AmprenavirCompound 1Compound 2
NK1–3 (0.021)Cholecystokinin A/B receptor (0.017)Opioid δ, κ, µ receptor (0.014)
20S proteasome (0.023)Bradykinin receptor B1 (0.018)Dipeptidyl peptidase IV (0.025)
Nav1.7 channel (0.027)TRPV1 and 4 (0.020)CCR1, 3, 5 receptor (0.026)
Aspartic endopeptidasea,b,c (0.027)Vasopressin receptor 1A, 1B, 2 (0.020)FSH/GnRH receptor (0.027)
Protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B (0.028)FSH and GnRH receptor (0.028)TRPV1, 4 and 8 (0.028)
Cholecystokinin A/B receptors (0.029)Cysteine endopeptidased,e (0.028)Serine endopeptidase and proteasef,g,h (0.031)
α4β1 integrin (0.029)Serine endopeptidasef,g (0.033)Bradykinin receptor B1 (0.031)
Oxytocin receptor (0.029)Aspartic endopeptidasec (0.033)Aspartic endopeptidasec (0.034)
Serine endopeptidasef (0.029)NK1–3 (0.038)NK1 and NK2 (0.035)
Tyrosine kinasei (0.033)Oxytocin receptor (0.042)Urokinase plasminogen activator surface receptor (0.036)
Cysteine endopeptidased,j (0.034)Na+v1.7 channel (0.048)Histone deacetylase (0.040)
Bombesin receptor 1/2 (0.039)Capsid assembly inhibitor (0.042)
Serine threonine kinasek (0.043)
α4β1 integrin (0.045)
RasFTase (0.048)
  • P values are in parentheses.

  • a Includes cathepsin D, HIV protease, Pol polyprotein, and SIV protease.

  • b Includes endothiapepsin and saccharopepsin (proteinase A).

  • c Includes plasmepsins, renin, and secretase (Abeta secretion).

  • d Includes calpain, cathepsins B, K, L, and S, cruzain, falcipain, picornavirus 3C-like protease, and virus 3C protease.

  • e Includes caspase 1.

  • f Includes elastase, factor Xa, and thrombin.

  • g Includes β-tryptase, chymase, factor IXa, trypsin, tryptase, and urokinase.

  • h Includes factor VIIa.

  • i Includes c-Src, LCK, and VEGFR1.

  • j Includes papain.

  • k Includes CDK, NF-κB, MAPK14, NF-protein kinase B and C, and rho kinase.