Table 3.

Results of attempts to replicate ages of proposed YDB layers for sites in Fig. 1, group 3a

SiteAge of YDB originally reportedPredicted age of proposed YDB layer, unweightedAge difference (column 3 minus column 2)Predicted age of proposed YDB layer, weightedAge difference (column 5 minus column 2)
Abu Hureyra*12,90013,08218213,044144
Arlington Canyon12,80013,10630613,108308
Barber Creek12,80012,100−70012,100−700
Blackwater Draw12,90012,860−4012,866−34
Kimbel Bay12,80018,1065,30612,094−706
Lake Cuitzeo12,90019,7256,82515,9163,016
Murray Springs12,90012,847−5312,809−91
  • * Ages given for Abu Hureyra are for the reported 284.29 m and 284.70 m depths of the supposed YDB layer.

  • A weighted model is not possible for Melrose because one of the data points is the ground surface, not a date with an error term.