Table 1.

Sites reportedly dated to the onset of the Younger Dryas and yielding impact markers

SiteBasis for age estimation (14C calibration used)*Fig. 1 groupRef(s).
Abu Hureyra, Syria14C ages (IntCal 04)3a3, 10
Arlington Canyon, CA14C ages (IntCal09)3a8, 10, 34
Barber Creek, NCOSL and 14C ages (IntCal09)3a3, 10
Big Eddy, MO14C ages (IntCal04)3b3, 10
Blackville, SCOSL ages3a3, 10
Blackwater Draw, NM14C ages (IntCal04)3a1, 3, 5, 9, 1011
Bull Creek, OK14C ages (IntCal09)3c7, 6364
Carolina Bays, NC and SCOSL ages2a1, 2, 5
Chobot, Alberta, CanadaNo radiometric control1a23, 5, 10
Daisy Cave, CA14C ages (IntCal04)3d2, 5
Gainey, MITL and 14C ages (IntCal09)2a25, 1011
Kangerlussuaq, GreenlandO-isotope curve and dust stratigraphy2a13, 41
Kimbel Bay, NCOSL and 14C ages (IntCal09)3a3, 10
Lake Cuitzeo, Mexico14C ages (IntCal04)3a3, 6, 10
Lake Hind, Manitoba, Canada14C ages (IntCal04)3d2, 7, 10
Lingen, Germany14C ages (IntCal09)2a3, 10
Lommell, Belgium14C ages (IntCal04 in 2; IntCal09? in others)3c23, 5, 1011
Melrose, PAOSL ages3a3, 1011
Morley, Alberta, CanadaNo radiometric control1a2, 10
MUM7B, Venezuela14C ages (IntCal04)2a12
Murray Springs, AZ14C ages (IntCal04)3a13, 7, 1011
Newtonville, NJOSL age2a11
Ommen, Netherlands14C ages (IntCal09?)3c3, 10
Paw Paw Cove, MDNo radiometric control1a9
Playa Basins, NM and TX14C ages (IntCal04)2a1, 4
Sheridan Cave, OH14C ages (IntCal04)2a3, 1011
Talega, CA14C ages (IntCal09)3a3, 10
Topper, SCOSL and 14C ages (IntCal09)3a23, 910
Wally’s Beach, Alberta, Canada14C ages (IntCal04)2a2, 5
  • With IntCal04 the Younger Dryas onset is put at 12.9 ± 0.1 kcal B.P.; it is 12.8 ± 0.15 kcal B.P. using IntCal09.

  • * The calibration curve used (whether IntCal04 or IntCal09) and program to derive the calibrated ages (whether CALIB, OxCal, CalPal, etc.) are only occasionally specified in the sources. We were not able to otherwise identify the calibration by replication; hence, the identification of the calibration that was used is based on the best available evidence, such as when a paper appeared relative to the available calibration.