Table 2.

Bundle cost per citation: Nonprofits

Pricing method and publisherType of institution
Research 1, $Research 2, $Master’s, $
Negotiated pricing
 American Chemical Society0.500.340.18
 Oxford University Press1.270.580.20
 Cambridge University Press4.062.141.04
Tiered pricing
 National Academy of Sciences0.100.080.04
 American Society for Biochemistry  and Molecular Biology0.180.160.15
 American Society for Microbiology0.280.220.13
 American Physical Society0.340.220.17
 Endocrine Society0.410.410.35
 American Medical Association0.610.480.48
 Ecological Society of America0.500.490.49
 Rockefeller University Press0.830.680.55
 American Geophysical Union1.090.730.48
 American Institute of Physics0.820.730.65
 American Psychiatric Association0.930.820.82
 MIT Press1.161.040.93
 Cold Spring Harbor Press1.461.291.29
 Company of Biologists1.521.381.18
 U of Chicago Press2.361.641.64
 American Psychological Association2.872.111.60
Uniform pricing
 Average for 37 journals1.771.771.77