Table 2.

Characterization of mAbs from mice immunized with soluble pentamer

mAb, h/mNeutr, E/FLogIC80, MTarget antigen*Competed hu-mAb
P25, mE−12.1pUL128pUL130pUL131
P40, mE−11.4pUL128pUL130pUL131
P38, mE−11.3pUL128pUL130pUL131
P39, mE−11.2pUL128pUL130pUL131
P53, mE−10.9pUL128pUL130pUL131
P31, mE−10.9pUL128pUL130pUL131
P42, mE−10.6pUL128pUL130pUL1318J16
P2, mE−10.8gHgLpUL12815D8
P30, mE−10.4pUL130pUL1314I22
P37, mE−10.4gHgLpUL12815D8
P46, mE−9.5pUL128pUL130pUL1314I22
P7, mE−9.5pUL128pUL130pUL131
P16, mE−9.3pUL1285A2/8I21
D1, mE+F−9.3gH13H11
D7, mE+F−8.9gH
D12, mE+F−8.9gH
D13, mE+F−8.4gH
8J16, hE−12.3pUL128pUL130pUL131
8L13, hE−11.6pUL130pUL131
7I13, hE−11.0pUL128pUL130pUL13110P3/15D8
15D8, hE−11.0pUL1287I13
10P3, hE−10.5pUL130pUL1317I13
5A2, hE−10.0pUL130pUL1318I21
8I21, hE−9.5gHgLpUL128pUL1305A2
13H11, hE+F−8.6gH
  • Mouse (m) and human (h) mAbs are grouped according to their ability to neutralize HCMV infection of epithelial cells only (E) or epithelial cells and fibroblasts (E+F). Shown are the log IC80 values, corresponding to the concentration that inhibits 80% infection.

  • * The target antigens recognized by each antibody were determined using HEK293T cells transfected with a different combination of HCMV genes, as previously described (23).

  • Cross-competition ELISAs were performed to identify the mouse mAbs that bound to the same sites recognized by a panel of human mAbs as previously isolated (23).

  • “—” indicates that the antibodies recognize novel sites on the pentamer.