Table 1.

Mechanical properties of mortar reproductions

Age of mortar, d
Trajanic mortar reproduction, inverse FEA analysis*
 Work of fracture, N/mm66675886
 Fracture energy (GF), J/m254555
 Young’s modulus (E), GPa1.002.903.37
 Tensile strength (Fc), MPa0.080.470.55
 Modulus of rupture (R), MPa0.191.021.32
Trajanic mortar reproduction, tomographic analysis
 Traced crack area, mm222,33213,59617,746
 Fracture energy (Gf), J/m235250
Roman architectural mortar replica
 Young’s modulus (E), GPa3.432.963.24
 Modulus of rupture (R), MPa1.311.351.09
 Compressive strength (Fc), MPa9.6813.3213.04