Table 1.

Modeled radiocarbon dates and sequencing results for the Zoutsteeg Three

SampleModeled 14C age*SexNuclear coverageContamination (%)Damage (%)§Mt coverageMt haplogroupY haplogroup
STM1A.D. 1660–1688M0.3×0.6316.8641×L3b1aR1b1c-V88
STM2A.D. 1660–1688M0.1×0.2223.2543×L3d1b
STM3A.D. 1660–1688F0.5×0.1514.9651×L2a1f
  • * Modeled age range of the samples based on Bayesian analysis of individual calibrated radiocarbon dates.

  • Biological sex inferred from the ratio of reads mapping to X and Y chromosomes (44).

  • Likelihood-based contamination estimate based on mtDNA reads (10).

  • § Frequency of C-to-T misincorporations at 5' ends of sequencing reads.