Table 1.

ANU/MIT hopane and sterane concentrations, in picograms per gram of rock

SampleInterior ΣC30–34 hopane concentrationInterior ΣC26–29 sterane concentrationExterior ΣC30–34 hopane concentrationExterior ΣC26–29 sterane concentration
Range for blanks*nd to 37.9nd to 32.9nd to 37.9nd to 32.9
AIDP-2 441.00 m (negative control)ndnd31.4nd
AIDP-2 146.20 mndnd10.711.8
AIDP-2 170.40 mndndndnd
AIDP-2 197.20 mndnd50.449.4
AIDP-2 291.28 mndnd7.316.5
AIDP-2 301.40 m5.2nd8.0nd
AIDP-2 325.48 mndndndnd
AIDP-2 327.42 mndnd38.524.3
AIDP-3 98.36 mndndndnd
AIDP-3 130.30 mndndndnd
RHDH2A interior3.521.1
RHDH2A sawed surface 12501,092
RHDH2A sawed surface 2259509
RHDH2A rounded surface390468
  • Herein, nd denotes “not detected.”

  • * Note that the same blank concentration ranges measured for hopanes and steranes are provided in the interior and exterior columns.

  • The RHDH2A 130.2−130.4 m sample surfaces were cut according to Fig. 1.