Table 1.

Properties of various basal neuromedia

Cell culture (basal Neuromedium+ supplements)Neuronal survival in vitroLess than few days
Neuronal differentiation in vitroX
Neuronal activity and fundamental neuronal functionsSpontaneous and evoked action potentialsImpairedImpaired
Network spontaneous calcium activityImpaired
Excitatory synaptic activityBlockedLow
Inhibitory synaptic activityBlockedBlocked
Neuronal function in vitroNot physiologicalNot physiological✓ Short-term only✓ Physiological
Neurophysiological properties of the mediaInorganic saltNot physiological
“Neuroactive” componentsSaturating neural activitySaturating neural activity
Glucose levelHyperglycemicHyperglycemicHyperglycemic✓Physiological
Osmolarity (mOsmol)✓ (315)Low (220-250)✓ (∼300)✓ (305)
pH✓ (7.4)✓ (7.4)✓ (7.4)✓ (7.4)
  • We identified unphysiological properties in widely used basal media and resolved them in a new neuronal medium (BrainPhys).